The wines come from vineyards aged between 10 and 40 years, the “La Serra” is a historic “Cru” of La Morra with south-south-east exposure, the Castagni with south-east exposure. All the vineyards are managed with the utmost attention from pruning to harvesting. Pruning is done manually with the Guyot system, leaving 2 buds on the spur and 5-6 buds on the fruiting head. The summer management of the vineyards is done entirely by hand, during the summer period 2 manual thinnings are carried out which allow for a production of about 500-700 grams per plant for Barolo and 800-1000 grams for Langhe Nebbiolo. Fertilization, done only after the harvest, before the vegetative rest, exclusively with natural products (manure). In the management of the vineyard, herbicides are not used and weeds are cut. The harvest begins in the last ten days of September and is also done manually.

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